Hi, my name is Damien Rebelo Da Costa. I am a game developer.

Here you'll discover what I do. I code in HTML5 (with or without framework) and in C# with Unity. I also have some notions in C++ with Unreal engine.


In this section you can find my games, you can also watch my showreel.

Made in HTML5

Tribal Attack is a shoot em up made for a school project. It was made in HTML5.

Game made in one week during the GameWeek at school. It won the gameplay price. It was made with Impact, a JS game engine.

Game made in one week during the GameWeek at school. It was made with PhaserJS and Airconsole.

Justice Duty is a social game for Facebook. You have to build your lawyer office. It was made with Haxe and PhaserJS.

Made with Unity

Aarold and me! is my end of studies' project. This is a narrative action/adventure game.

Extrem Tube of Hell is a runner for mobile and smartwatches (android only)

This puzzle game is inspired by the game RUSH, a puzzle game, it has been a great project to learn about Unity.

About Me

I started to learn how to make games in javascript and I made Tribal Attack a shoot'em up. Then I made Aquazarus during a gamejam at ISART and Justice Duty a social builder for Facebook.

I also had the opportunity to get work experiences :

Web developer – Château SARL (Paris) - May to October 2016

Development and maintenance of applications in php, SQL and angularJS. I had to refactor SQL request and debug front-end with angularJS

Level Designer – Independant Game Company (Paris) - December 2014 to January 2015

Level design on a puzzle game using the software Tiled for a web browser game

Game Developer – Independant Game Compagny (Paris) - February to April 2014

Development of a typing game for web browser in HTML5
Participation in the prototyping of a hack’n slash game with Unity. Game Design and prototyping of the UI.

Developer – LISV (Paris) - April to June 2013

Internship to validate my DUT. Development in C++ for microsoft kinect. Creation of functions in C++ that make it possible to use informations from a kinect to determine a subject’s center of gravity for medical purpose.

You can contact me on contact@damien-rd.fr