Hi, my name is Damien Rebelo Da Costa. I am a french game developer.
Welcome to my portfolio.

Freshly graduated from ISART Digital in Game Design & Programming. I'm currently looking for a job in the video game industry. Here you will see what I did this few last years.


In this section you can find my games.

Made in HTML5

Tribal Attack is a shoot em up made for a school project. It was made in HTML5.

Game made in one week during the GameWeek at school. It won the gameplay price. It was made with Impact, a JS game engine.

Game made in one week during the GameWeek at school. I was made with PhaserJS and Airconsole.

Made with Unity

Aarold and me! is my end of studies' project. This is a narrative action/adventure game.

Extrem Tube of Hell is a unner for mobile and smartwatches (android only)

This puzzle game is inspired by the game RUSH, a puzzle game, it has been a great project to learn about Unity.

About Me

During those years at ISART Digital, I've acquired some useful skills in programming. I have learn to develop game for the web, unity and I also have some notions of unreal. Beside that, I also learnt about web programming with PHP, Angular and of course HTML5.

I did some internships:

  1. I spent two months at Potato Games (this was a very new video game studio that is closed now) where I had to develop a typing game for web browser and prototype some UI elements in Unity for a hack'n slash.

  2. I spent two more months at Potato Games as a level designer for a puzzle game, I had to use Tiled.

  3. I spent 6 months at Chateau SARL as a web developer. I developed and maintained applications in PHP, SQL and AngularJS.

You can have more details and my contact information on my linkedin